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Memos from MEMOS for the People

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memo on MEMOSWhy we all need memos and the fictional creation of MEMOS DownloadePub
The C DietThe C Diet that our fictional team of fictional experts have developedDownload ePub
Memos QuotesA massive fictional survey of fictional people that brings us fictional quotes.DownloadePub
Memos Funny Numbers - UPDATEDOur fictional experts can explain it is just a coincidence.Download ePub
Memos BullshitWhat will fictional people accept.DownloadePub
Memos Trust GovernmentOur team of fictional political scientists explain why you can trust government.Download ePub
Memos The 33 SeriesFrom the fictional team that brought you the C diet, comes an amazing fictional discovery.DownloadePub
Memos ReallyAll over the fictional world fictional people have been demanding a memo on little known facts.Download ePub
Memos Welcome to Weimar WorldThe Weimar Republic goes GlobalDownloadePub
Memos Electric Vehicles and Plants RightsEqual rights for plantsDownload ePub
Memos Why Joy must be stoppedJoy as the major driver of climate change.DownloadePub
Memos - Medieval Warm PeriodThe cause of the Medieval Warm PeriodDownload ePub
Memos - The Oligarch HuntersThe next sequel in the Series for Crimes Against HumanityDownloadePub
Memos-Garden ShedsA new fictional study finds that garden sheds are a major cause of Global Warming.Download ePub
Memos - Global WarmingThe causes of global warming.DownloadePub
Memos - VariantsThe rise of the variants.Download ePub

Short Stories Series

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The Potters WheelAn old potter has a lucky find? A tale of gold and brandy. DownloadePub
BeetlesNothing can go wrong, right? It is approved by government, so what happens
when the corporate world messes with some bugs?
Download ePub
The BearerIntrigue and adventure.DownloadePub

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TitleDescriptionPDFEPUB...... Printed Version
ICEClimate change?DownloadePubice
ForwoodsGreen is always right, right?Download ePubforwoods
BreakfastGood folks in the way of the wrong folks.DownloadePubbreakfast
A Fly on the WallpaperSmart InsectsDownload ePubfly
Sat On A TyreIs this crazy fiction or documenting reality?Downloadtyre
The Gull and the CrowBirds helping each other.Downloadgull
The Tale of a SnailThe hazards of the GardenDownload ePubsnail
RhymesSilly Rhymes for Silly TimesDownload rhymes