Mysteries & Thrillers

breakfast  - Breakfast Let yourself drift off, open a book, and with the magic of fiction, follow the tale of one womans story. Things can't get any worse can they? Are you sure? There are times when we all need help from others. What happens when you start to find you are running low on others you know, who do you ask then, who do you trust?

Of course this is just fiction, nothing like this could ever happen in real life right?

A young woman, struggles with a major family crisis, things from the past won't remain silent. What is the price of morality, where are the boundaries, what should she do? There are circumstances where however strong we believe we are, we find we are really weak, vunerable and everything becomes frightening.

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ISBN 978-1-84728-724-3

ice  - ICE Need an excuse to sit in the warm? Read this book. Other planets are also warming, and not since the carboniferous period has the level of carbon dioxide been so low. Could they get it wrong? In the 70s they said the earth was getting colder. They said Saddam had WMDs!!!

A tale of adventure set in a very cold Britain. We follow the narrator as he joins with others in their battle south. The harsh climate is the least of their worries. Bands of gruesome brigands are hunting them down. With a makeshift boat, part of the group splits, while they head for the French coast, the others hunker down for the winter. While they rest and the group in France make south for Spain, the brigands are back. Now it is the migrants turn to hunt the hunters. Greatly outnumbered the brigand leader is smart, and out manoeuvres the migrants, slaughtering thousands. The chase begins, and ends with a climatic showdown at Pendennis Castle. That is only the beginning, Spain one of the last refuges for the people of Europe is facing devastation. A German radio ham, a beautiful catamaran, some historical ship building, and the great Danes save the day.

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ISBN 978-1-84728-845-5

for woods  - For Woods Have you ever stopped to wonder about all those rumours, that tittle tattle, what is really going on in your community? You know what's going on don't you? Are you sure? Do you find some days just get so sureal, you wished you'd stayed in bed? Well curl up in a nice warm bed, and have a good read and find out what happens to a Morris Minor. Huh?

Don't you just love those people who don't need facts to know what is going on. The ones who can tell your life history without ever having met you!

In a battle of witts, two opposing groups both fighting to save a cherished heritage clash. With public support backing the wrong issue, things spiral out of control.

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ISBN 978-1-84728-723-6