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Dinosaurs, Carbon Dioxide, Eugenics, Our Future

It is well known that we are dependent upon plants for food. Animals eat plants, plants need carbon dioxide, and plants grow better and need less water if there is more atmospheric carbon dioxide. It is also known from the fossil record that animals were much bigger than they are now, and plants were more abundant. We know this because of ongoing geological processes which bury plant and animal remains, locking up carbon. This reduces the available carbon in todays atmosphere, which is a contributing cause to desertification. We also know that the climate was much warmer in the past.

However some people with an agenda came up with the idea of Global Warming, this would give them a pretext for yet another tax, one which could be global. We have seen such people in the past fund ruthless dictators who in the last century were major players in the democide of 262 million of their own civilians. Such funding of collectivist control freaks by the banking elite seems to be an anathama to most people, why they argue would capitalist bankers fund communist collectivists. People can not comprehend that these people at the top are monopolists, they are more about control than money, which is just the means by which they primarily dominate the global economy. Most people also seem oblivious to the fact that the money system is a fraudulent debt ponzi scheme where under the fractional reserve multiplier effect. Banks fraudulently claim to make you a loan, they are the only people who can make money lending what they have not got. Because they take your signature on a piece of paper, and deposit the amount on what is in effect your IOU as a book keeping entry into your account. They only need to have a fraction of that amount on deposit.

Governments are just as controlled by money as you, so they generally condone what the bankers do, after all you the public will be paying their bills, hence why they need you to join in with the government system, you are a human resource. Taxation and banking are to governments what interest and bank loans are to you. If your government really wanted to save the environment it would be making plants grow better by increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and banning the modification of plants with GMO. Government would ban the dumping of toxic waste known generically as fluoride into the environment. So why don't they? Because Governments are inherantly destructive, grow bigger and bigger, demand more and more, they are worse than a cockoo in the nest, because they don't fly away!

It is funny how governments will tell you there are too many people on the planet, and let lots into your country deliberatly to drive down wages, and push up house prices, divide and rule. Giving real rascists a pretext to stir things up, and government a pretext to increase its interference in our lives with ID cards and political correctness. While governments never seem to worry about the bankers creating more derivatives than there are resources on the planet, or creating money out of thin air. Governments never seem to be too big, even if they talk about downsizing they rarely do and the cuts generally effect things people want and dedicated hard working government employees. Governments will talk about over population, but what about over taxing, or over government?

So for the sake of the money system you will be overtaxed to pay an unnecessary carbon tax, plants will be starved of what is vital to them, carbon dioxide, deserts will grow bigger. The carbon cycle will be damaged, because while the geological processes lock more carbon up, we will face ever increasing restrictions on releasing it from the earth. And you will be told ever more loudly it is for the earth, they will extol the merits of evolution while they mess with both. In reality they don't care about the earth anymore than they care about you, they do care about the banking system which they will stop at nothing to keep going, if it means wars, civil unrest, people loosing their homes, distraught jobless people, it does not matter. Destroying jobs with taxes to pay the bankers, destroying life to keep the corporate GMO lobby happy, and destroying you when you eat the processed garbage cattle feed food.

Bankster Corporatism Monopoly Cookoo in the nest?

Just look around the world, remember all those tigers? The countries who are enticed to borrow money to offer favorable conditions to global corporations. Onto the next one leaving a trail of countries ridden with debt, and a vaccum of industry.

Gag Government

They call British workers lazy. While they tax employers out of existence and leave many of those remaining unable to reward hard work.

They call British people shirkers. While they raise VAT to 20 percent knowingly destroying the economy. When previously to boost the economy they had taken it down from 17.5 to 15 percent.

They say more people should do voluntary work. When in hospitals, schools, libraries, fire, police, ambulance, churches, communities and charities the system is held together by dedicated individuals who volunteer.

They say they can't tell us for reasons of national security. While demanding we tell them, violating our personal security. The right to privacy so criminals can't know what you have.

They restrict innocent law abiding citizens' guns. Yet they spend billions on war, millions on guns and kill thousands.

They justify wars and much else by lying to people, “he has Weapons of Mass Destruction”. Yet when they demand you give them information, with threat of fine and menace of court action if you do not comply, you must not lie to them. Violating your rights to silence, consent and choice.

They claim to be tough on crime. Then they demand monies with menace and engage in extortion. They will even engage in assault, kidnapping and hostage taking, where people have a strange quaint notion that before you can take something, you need their consent. Violating our right to private property.

They claim we are living in a free country. With out explaining it means they are free to tell you what to do. You are free to do as you are told. Violating your right not to be a slave.

They tell us to tighten our belts and be fiscally prudent. While their demands for money and excuses as to why they need it are worse than the most delinquent teenager. Just like a miscreant youth they invariably waste it and most certainly spend little of it on what they claimed they needed it for.

They tell us we need to pay off the national debt. Yet when did we sign up to the scam of creating money out of thin air by borrowing it into existence. Legal tender, is legal counterfeit FIAT currency based on an ever increasing need to inflate the currency by creating more debt to pay off the existing debt with new debt. Fractional reserve multiplier effect.

Environmental GMO Madness, Native Wildlife, Birds, Mammals watch out.....

You,ve got the government and conservationists waging war selectively against non native plants that have invaded the wild. Meanwhile government and others are going ahead with introducing non native GMO. In the case of wheat for example removing couch grass from the area and keeping a zone around the edge of the planted area. Firstly this no doubt well funded testing is not going to be as easily replicated by hard pressed farmers. Secondly seed and especially pollen can go a seriously long distance. Thirdly mice and other creatures that might eat the wheat will travel some distance and it is not unknown for GMO genetics to jump from the crop into bacteria in the guts of those who have eaten the food. Thus there are plenty of vectors for the GMO to escape into the wild. If the GMO causes cancer and infertility in rural rodents might not this cause a serious decline in our wild population including the bird population who have previously been affected by pesticides. Those at the top of the food chain, birds of prey, having been most seriously affected. Fourthly there are plenty of grain feeding birds, who might also be affected and the long-term spread of the GMO genes. It is one thing to identify rampant rhododendrons in forests and woodlands, how will we identify infected plants and animals? You can hardly take every plant and animal into the lab, it will not be as simple, and there are a vast array of native grasses, how do you protect them?

Treating us like cattle

Have you noticed how they number cattle to track them, just like us with the birth certificate and national insurance numbers.

Have you noticed how just like cattle the young are taken away from their mother, the mother has to work and the young are reared separately. The young often end up going for slaughter, in some war!

Have you noticed how just like cattle, people are feed on cattle cake, biscuits, and a multitude of processed grain products.

Have you noticed that the cattle are often dehorned and the people are often dissarmed and both can experience the consequences of being victims.

Have you noticed that cattle can roam freely where the farmer allows them to be, and people must comply with similar restrictions. From planning permission to passports.

Have you noticed that the healthier cattle tend to be the grass fed ones, and the ones on the processed food seem to need more medication, no similarity there then?

Have you noticed that just as cattle are in more danger from the farmer than from wolves, people are in more danger from their own governments that than evil individuals. Check out democide in the last century.

Have you noticed how they cram cattle into cattle sheds, and people into apartment blocks.

Have you noticed how farmers play the radio pop music to cattle in sheds, just the same as people get it in stores and factories. Apparently they like it?

Have you noticed that when people are malnourished they are more likely to contract TB, and when cattle catch TB, it is the badgers fault? The reason though is really the same isn't it?

Run Out of Money? How about explaining how the banking system creates money out of thin air? How much is the War costing?

Over the years they keep adding more and more taxes, so where is all the money going? We have: Income Tax, National Insurance, Value Added Tax, Council Tax, Tax on Insurance, Tax on Interest, Inheritance Tax, Duty on Fuel, Tabbacco and Alcohol, Airport Tax, Stamp Duty(on property sales), Vehicle Tax, Corporation Tax, Captial Gains Tax, Landfill Tax, Climate Change Levy, even taxes on Pensions, and the creeping in of Carbon Tax (there are probably lots more). The last link in the list below makes for sobering reading when we consider how much on average each person in the UK pays. When you read Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, where he contrasts the tax paid in the US compared with the tax in England the difference is huge, even more thought provoking is the spark that ignited the French Revolution, was high taxation. Again we contrast the waring European Nations with the United States, who just wanted to trade with everyone and not get involved in wars. Empire building is expensive. Businesses did what they do now, moved to where conditions were more favourable, such as France and America, though there were laws enacted to prevent machinery leaving the UK. World wide the systems are slowly becoming the same, most countries seem to now have value added tax, just one example. In the UK it started at 10 percent, it went up to 15 then 17.5 then back down to 15 for a short while, now up to 20. It is even higher is Sweden. When you have a global banking system, it follows that the taxation system will also go global, just as they are pushing for a system of global governance.

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Does this mean the Pentagon intends to eliminate the CIA?

Pentagon Says US Citizens Accused Of Supporting Terrorism Can Be Assassinated Well it was allgedly the CIA that created al-Qaeda Why do you need to create an enemy? This link gives us a big clue Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication So if the government of the US does things that terrorise the people will the Pentagon elimate the government? Surely by telling us this the Pentagon itself is terrorising US Citizens and therefore should eliminate itself? One could even argue that the actions of the International Banksters are terrorist, just ask the US people suffering while the banks got bail outs the folks got thrown out onto the streets and how many of these poor folks have been killed by the cold over winter because of a lack of money, and the terror of loosing everything?

GREECE and used again nations

Here we go again, history repeats, banks in Germany create money out of thin air more debt. This debt money is “lent” to the Greeks, to pay off their debt, duh, so now they are in even deeper debt. Huh? So then the Greeks are told Austerity. An absurdity because they can never pay back more money than was created, most countries now used the debt money fractional reserve scam. So on a global scale the money in circulation is less than the debt plus interest. In hot countries folks are smart, they take a bit of time off in the heat of the day. This then is perceived incorrectly, also in northern Europe we have to do more to stay warm. However the propaganda machine manipulates the cultural needs, the Germans and Brits, therefore might get fed up of “seemingly bailing out the rest of Europe.” But they are not it is just the international banksters playing one lot off against the other. After the Franco – Prussian war, the economy of France, who lost was booming, the Winners economy was in tatters, why because the banksters manipulated the money supply. The banksters will play one lot off against the other. If the Greek police are smart enough to stop protecting the system run by the banksters, who will get called in to restore order? My guess would be German troops, why? Because the propaganda machine will be used to get the Germans angry at having to bail out Greece, yet they are not, it is the banksters just creating more debt that is bailing out Greece.

Countries around the world are being run by Puppets. US troops are used as cannon fodder by the elite, as are British troops. Germany is used as an industrial power house. What happened to all that Liberty, Egality, Fraternity in France, with the massive level of taxation, hey is Louis the XVI back? Amazing the US is being torn apart as big government and the banksters and their corporations destroy the economy, while the military are being used as political pawns to take yet more squares on the chess board. It is well know the banksters fund both sides in a war. Who pays you do, in austerity, for money you never borrowed, so they can have their crusades in the oily land. We have such inventive people, we do need oil, but folks we don't need to steamroller half the planet to get it. We have new technologies, we can have folks be more energy independent, but that is not what the elite want. They need everyone dependant, so they can milk you suckers dry. Why do you think they go after Amish farmers? Then bang on about we need sustainability? The Amish are some of the most sustainable folks on earth. Oh, but the big agro corporations, oh yea it is so unfair, a few folks are still not under their control, how mean of these independent minded folks.

Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.


We know from the writings of the elite and history that food is a weapon. If you have never studied history, just checkout the power of sieges to bring belligerent forces to the bidding of the besiegers. In the UK there has been much made of reducing food waste, in wartime, rationing is standard fare. So are they conditioning us for an upcoming world war? In history, there is a cycle of inflation booming economy, deflation with recessions finally a depression, then war. We are currently funding the crusades in the oily and opium lands. There comes a moment when we reach the Poland point. That is you can only keep invading countries so long before other countries, state that if another is attacked, they will come to it's aid.

Let us consider how China is now moving to support Pakistan, and Russia is active in Syria. Our military may have the technical edge, but so did the German military in the last world war, but they never had enough. Just look how the banksters, manipulate the economy by control of the money supply. In the Franco Prussian war the losers economy boomed, and the winners was in a bad way, simply because the banksters restricted the money supply. International bankers have funded both sides of many wars and revolutions. It is difficult to understand why bankers would fund the Bolshevik communists, go back and consider who funded Marx to write the Communist manifesto, and remember, much of what is done is to create monopolies. Government regulations on food production, may seem a great idea, but they put a greater strain on the smaller producers who are often more committed to producing high quality produce because it is their passion, and their farms and business reputation. Small companies don't have the money to advertise and sponsor like the global corporations.

GMO is touted as benefiting others such as feeding the poor. Like folks who live on less than a few dollars a day are some great profit centre for the giant corporations. In reality it is monopolization of food crops into corporate control, just research Codex Alimentarius and guess who that benefits. Most cultures have developed large varieties of food crops, each suited to the regions in which they are grown. Mexican maize is a fine example, and now we are moving to mono-cultures, EU regulations in Europe have made it necessary to get approval to sell seeds and foods, so many old fashioned varieties are no longer commercially available, though specialist groups and enthusiasts do keep rare varieties growing. How long will this continue, if regulations on selling produce at the end of your drive are enforced, if regulations on gardens, and saving seeds are pushed on society? Many of the seed companies are already owned by the big corporations, how long before the "new improved varieties" are pushed while quietly one by one old varieties are withdrawn.

Could a combination of farms driven to the wall by the financial crisis and over regulation, along with more land being used for bio fuels, and disruption of food supply due to war, be used to push GMO as a saviour to food shortages? What happens when we are so reliant on a few corporate seed suppliers, just look at how fuel suppliers all charge a similar price, great corporate competition huh? Most importantly what if a corporate monoculture does not perform as expected, just checkout the Irish potato famine, and more recently, GMO cotton in India. Then consider how genes from GMO crops have been shown to jump into the bacteria in our gut, nice can you imagine what the long term effects of bacteria in your gut producing pesticides might do to you? Read Seeds of Deception, to find out more info on GMO. Or will you prefer to believe the marketing hype from the corporate propaganda?

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Lets have a little lesson. Each year we honour those who fought for our freedom, whatever that is? These folks who fought against tyranny came under the control of the War Department, or Ministry of War. The War Ministry was tasked with preventing Britain from being invaded.

Now we have NATO troops guarding the opium fields, which produce illegal drugs. Don't worry though because we have a war on drugs. We send in very expensive drones, and attack wedding parties, and allied Pakistani troops. This all comes under the Department of Defence, which seems to be tasked with ensuring other countries are invaded.

Of course when we fight against invaders that is patriotic, it is our duty. When others fight against our invaders, they are insurgents and terrorists.