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Cell phone radiation breast cancer link — New study raises grave concerns

Blood Donations are Potential Biohazard from Those Vaccinated with Gardasil

How Pharmaceutical Companies Hide the Dangers of Vaccines from Parents

Swiss Army War-Games Economic Collapse and Refugee Invasion: “21st Century Threats” (Comment: Perhaps given the history of high taxation driving people and the military to unite against their oppressors, and how it happened before when those at the top would not listen to reason and just kept on going. French revolution, possible? France’s Socialist Government Moves to Impose Smartphone Tax In the following article notice how a tax on lower earners slipped through, France’s 75% Income Tax on the Rich Overturned as Unconstitutional Will those at the top listen or is a war something they think the people need as a distraction to the banksters and high taxation, yet another link in the puzzle, French Public Opposes War Against Syria)

The Line on Linux (Comment: Isn't it wonderful how we are made less secure on the pretext of national security!!! Ironic. Oh, and governments and banks encourage us to do it online, it's secure, honest....yea right and Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Not to mention, the Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Gladio, or the fact that there were drills at the exact same time as the Boston Bombings, 77 in London and 911)

Monsanto Leading Super-Secret 'Above Congress' Obama Trade Scheme To Outlaw GMO Labeling Worldwide

Merck vaccine developer admits vaccines routinely contain hidden cancer viruses derived from diseased monkeys

Adam Kokesh Raided By “Storm Trooper” Cops
Given that the US Constitution clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Any law that restricts gun use is surely an infringement isn't it? What does that mean when government operatives are breaking and entering, kidnapping and taking private property? Perhaps the definition that government often uses for terrorists, that they are people who hate our freedom loving way of life. Thus by definition government are terrorists. This raid seems to be a clear example of that isn't it? After all he did not seem to cause harm to people or property so what is their problem? Remember criminals are more affraid of good people with guns than without. Any law that restricts a victim's right to have a means with which to protect themselves seems to be aiding and abetting criminals.

New EU Plan Will Make Every Bank Account In Europe Vulnerable To Cyprus-Style Wealth Confiscation

New study links over 7,000 cancer deaths to cell phone tower radiation exposures

The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic Farming CAN Feed the World

Photos Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To See

Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere

Police Confirm Bilderberg 2013 to Take Place in Watford, UK

BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government

Why Government Should Be The First Suspect In Any Terror Attack

VIDEO: Buy a Shotgun Joe Biden Lying AR-15 Important video always listen to the politicians they know best ?

Globalist Funded Think Tank Says Poverty Will Save Planet

One-Child Policy Enforcer Crushes Baby To Death After Parents Refuse To Pay “Fine”

VIDEO: Newtown Father Blasts Gun Control

VIDEO: Recent Trends show No Global Warming

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

Police state gone wild: Couple facing 60 days in jail for rescuing injured baby deer

Is America full of Quislings?

Problem of Poverty


UK Government - None of Your Business

Jupiter and Moon Align on Christmas

New study: Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized and die

Common Error Messages What do they mean?

More People Killed with Hammers and Clubs than Rifles

Are Spoons linked to obesity? Should we ban spoons? Is spoon ownership dangerous?

World War 3

High Military Alert Across Middle East Following Israeli Attack Inside Syria

Israeli Attack: Desperate Bid to Save Failed Syrian Campaign

Russian Mig Buzzes Israel After Attack on Syria

Crazy what if News, read and wonder, could it happen?

Statins added to the water supply world wide, to combat high cholesterol.

Mad scientists branded as irresponsible and having no regard for cricket, as England's top bowler wakes up to find he has lost his, er, um, her balls. The government's plan to add statins to the drinking water backfired as Britain's men today awoke to find the wonder drug had been wrongly formulated, and when combined with hormone mimicking BPa and other plastics, the effects were rather drastic. Shares in menswear collapsed overnight as the stock market panicked. The government went into crisis declaring a state of emergency when the queues outside the toilets caused productivity to grind to a standstill. Car manufactures have reported an increased demand for certain added extra features, such as mirrors.

A few people are celebrating tonight. Some men branded as crazy health food jokes, who could not get women, are now overwhelmed and have become a protected species as the world's seven billion women demand satisfaction. Meanwhile the hunt for those responsible for implementing the UN sponsored World Wide Water Supply Statin Supplementation Program, is proving difficult because they no longer look like their ID card photos!

A minister not directly responsible for the policy, made the following statement: I still believe genetically modified food to be perfectly safe. The current situation is a temporary setback, rest assured we are doing everything we can to reassure the public. This unfortunate policy was of course introduced by the previous government. We will be holding a full enquiry into the situation, rest assured the government will produce a full report.

The UN's world wide ban on guns, was no protection for delegates. Security guards, had no defence against hand bags! One last positive note: Saudi Arabia has had to rethink its policy on banning women from driving!

And the basis for the above story:
Lapdog FDA Approves GM Salmon for Human Consumption
Are Boys Turning in to Girls Because of Man Made Chemicals?
Corporations Add Equally Toxic ‘BPS’ to BPA-Free Products
‘Biofarms’ to Integrate Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals into GMO ‘Biopharmaceutical’ Crops
CNBC Host Recommends Statins be Put in the Water Supply
Health Authorities Want Depression-Causing Drugs Added To Water Supply
New GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow tumors, 70% of females die early
“Statin” Island: Muscle Pain, Digestive Distress & Liver Damage?
Ridiculous Lancet study sets stage for pushing ‘pre-diabetes’ drugs on entire world

Tongue twisters (A Sobriety Test?)

Wavy wire wiggling wind with water washing windows, while waves wet wharfs where whelks were weighed, wandering weavers walk wearing wollens, where wispy willowly wolds wake when woodland wetlands washed with wild winter weather, wear white.

Cave Rescue teams called in to look for missing motorists

A spokes person for a major motoring organisation said; The situation was becoming a serious concern, as the size and number of pot holes in Britain's roads has dramatically increased. The government played down the seriousness of the situation, claiming that it did not believe the roads in Britain were as bad, and the disappearance of motorists was probably due to the festive season. Experts however disagree citing statistics from the most recent census and comparing the number of motorists now to the previous census ten years ago. You can not explain all the missing motorists as being due to the recession or driving sleds for Santa.

Cave Rescue teams have been shocked by the vastness of the holes they have been exploring. We found ten cars down one of the larger holes, luckily all were laden with Christmas presents and the occupants survived on mince pies and custard creams. With the wet weather what looks like a tiny puddle can hide a mini lake. Said a health and safety official, all vehicles should be fitted with lifeboats.

A council worker expressed concerns, We just don't have the resources to mend all the roads. The Minister of Roads however disagreed, saying That the government had increased the budget for road repairs and that the holes were being made by road users. He went on to demand stiffer penalties for road users who drive vehicles on the highway. Claiming it was people with vehicles that were the problem. Arguing that inventors are ultimately to blame, the wheel is the problem.

Road hauliers were outraged at suggestions of a wheel ban. Claiming it would adversely affect their business. One irate driver blamed horses, We have nice soft rubber tyres, its those horses with metal horse shoes that are the real problem. A police forensics expert was hesitant to comment, stating that; It was true that superficially some of the smaller holes are of a similar size and shape to a horses foot. Mounted police however denied any connection, claiming road building techniques had declined since the Romans left Britain.

When people down the pub started complaining that the roads in this country were worse than those in many third world nations. An environmentalist was quick to point out that, it was because they did not have any vehicles to damage the roads, and he exclaimed emit carbon dioxide, the evil gas that plants need. The environmentalist was quickly expelled from the pub, the landlord exclaiming that, If he thinks I'm going to sell flat beer, he can go and buy his still water somewhere else, my clientèle love their carbon dioxide bubbles in their favourite tipple.

Cave Rescue teams too, needed gas. Oxygen. With all the rain finding pot holes in the road is only part of the problem. Motorists are often not prepared to survive for long in a pot hole full of water.

And the basis for the above story:
Pothole Problem On Britain's Roads Reaching Crisis Point Say LGA
Britain's roads go downhill You thought Britain's roads couldn't get much worse. Yes they can, says a new report.
Why are our roads full of potholes? Even by a conservative estimate, there are now 2m potholes in Britain's roads. Can't anything be done to stop the rot?
Totally potty: Why Britain's streets are riddled with more potholes than ever
Flooding is rising but government spending on defences is sinking
Flood defences are being overwhelmed by a whirlpool of spin The government says 'reforms' to funding are 'increasing' the number of schemes protecting homes. They are doing the opposite
A white Christmas for some... and a wet one for the rest of us: Fears of further floods as more torrential rain set to bring travel chaos
UK Weather: Britain on flood alert as rain forecast to lash the country for 24 hours from this evening

Trees Cause Wind

Yes have you noticed when it is windy, the trees are moving. Some wave around so much they fall over. Increased tree planting has caused more storms. The science: Take a hot day, you grab a newspaper and wave it around, it causes wind to cool you down. In cold weather you shiver to keep warm. Trees do exactly the same they try to keep warm by waving around in the winter, and cool themselves in the summer.

I have noticed that welsh sheep can fly much better than English pigs. Though the fluffy cloud like fine welsh wool is no doubt a contributing factor. The English pigs have to run much faster to reach take off speed, some are so fat they can hardly fly at all.

Ocean currents are caused by fish. This is firmly established by Newtons Third law: When a first body exerts a force F1 on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force F2 = −F1 on the first body. This means that F1 and F2 are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Thus it is beyond doubt that as great shouls of fish migrate they move water. Just like ships displace water so do these fish. Ships also cause water to be pushed around as they displace water with their bulk. If GMO Salmon get into the wild, there will be serious consequences, as Salmon migrate vast distances, and these GMO Salmon are massive so will move much more water than your ordinary salmon.

And the basis for the above story:
Frankenfish on the Menu? FDA Gives Initial Approval
'Greedy' trees still leave room for the little plants
Evaporation from Trees Has Global Cooling Effect
Monty Python - Flying Sheep
Flying pig
Power Flower Wind Turbine Trees Could Domesticate Wind Energy
Newton's laws of motion
Displacement (ship)
Wet Sidewalks Cause Rain