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Financial Feudalism

When Bankers Ruled the Earth

How is it that we have allowed the Bankers to stop paying the promisary notes which used to represent gold, with gold? They came off the gold standard! Oh, nice use of language. Then we were given promisary notes which could be exchanged for promisary notes. Nice! Now they give us digital money some of which is represented by promisary notes and metal tokens. Before the gold and silver coins had value, now the money is "borrowed" into existance. Yep, when you borrow money that they have not got, they "deposit" money you have to pay back into your account. Oh, remember you have to find the interest payments from somewhere. Just hope some suckers take out bigger loans after you did to keep the scam going. Through this money they never had the banksters have bought up most of what you had or defaulted to them because you could not pay the interest. Whole societies have been conned into this nice little earner, one by one countries have been taken over by the banksters through the control of the money supply.

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There are roughly 23 million households in the UK obviously a vast mix of housing types. The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were around 20 billion pounds. That is 869 pounds from each household while opium crops yields rise. While millions in Britain are forced to huddle in one room to stay warm in the winter as fuel poverty rises. In other words, the cost of a solar hot water heating system is typically 4800, the 4.6 million in fuel poverty could have received 4347 pounds each! Imagine the bulk discount, and of course the fact that some homes would not be suitable for a system, but this is just one example of how perhaps the money might have been better spent. Remember you are considered a human resource, and ask how much austerity will those in power be subjected to? Those who tell you there is a war on drugs, yet the very same group of people are shipping them in and profiting from their sale to the fools who buy it.

Those who tell you you need to suffer under austerity, how much will they be suffering? Remember to have money under the current system you have to have an ever growing debt mountain, they don't lend money they have; they create money out of thin air by creating more debt, and charge interest on the money you have to work for.

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Fractional Reserve Banking

All money is created through "borrowing" it out of thin air. So to have money for buying goods and services someone has to get into debt. That debt comes with interest, the interest is not created so it must be paid from the borrowed money. This causes a contraction of the money supply, which is offset by increased borrowing in "good times", inflating the money supply as more debt is created. As more borrowing occurs with increased "investment" by the banks giving "loans", and prices increase, because the amount of money increases faster than the amount of goods and services available. When the bankers stop or reduce lending, which through the fractional reserve system, is related to money on deposit at the banks. The ratio of what they can create based on what they have varies. However when you reduce "lending" the amount of money sucked out of the economy by interest and repayments, is greater than that being created by "borrowing", the only source from which money is available. Thus the money supply contracts, people spend less to try and continue paying off their debts, companies loose revenue streams so lay folks off work. So for those who just can't pay, the banksters end up swapping debt on money created out of thin air, for hard resources. This is a scam, because the money they "lent" never existed, you can only lend someone 10,000 if you have that amount. The bankers can lend it if they have 1,000 against which they can lend, assuming roughly 1 to 10 fractional reserve ratio.

LEND To grant the use of money or something else of value, with the understanding that it or something else of value will be returned at a future date.

Old money the promissory notes that were a representation of Gold held on deposit at the bank, had value, the value of the gold. Not that this is a perfect system. But if you swapped the promissory note for gold coins, the gold in those coins is not dependant upon any enforcement by government of what is legal tender. In other words, you could take a British gold coin to France and still buy something with it based on the value of the gold in the coin. When in 1931 "they" took us off the gold standard, "they" stole the value from the currency. Or more bluntly it was the biggest Gold heist in British History. Imagine you go to the cloakroom, and leave your coat there, they give you a ticket. Each time you want to withdraw your coat which is in the cloakroom for safekeeping, you hand over the note. Then one day they say we've come off the coat standard? Some years later they sell off much of the coats to their buddies at a very low price in relation to the market price for coats. Now what would happen if we ran a cloakroom and tried such a trick?

There have been other systems of creating money out of thin air not based on gold, without incurring interest payments. These generally are based on spending new money into circulation in proportion to the goods and services available. Many have been successful, and most US presidents who have opposed the creation of central banks, and the banksters fractional reserve banking system have been assassinated. Andrew Jackson had a lucky escape. Interestingly the fifth, plank of the Communist manifesto calls for a central bank, and we should remind ourselves that it was not funded or written by poor down trodden peasants was it?

It is the folks who work, who create the wealth, and who would by their labour end up owning everything. So those who can't even be bothered to create money of real value, or do any work, have to find devious ways of living off the labour of others. It is a tug of war between those who want to work and have liberty, against those who dream up ways of living richly using tyranny to take the wealth from those who work. This explains the push for ever greater controls, centralization and bigger government, through which they can "legally" extract wealth from the "poor" people who should in reality be the "rich" people. It is just as much a delusion to think bankers are there to keep your money safe, as it is to believe that government is their to protect you. In place of feudalism, where you paid to your lord and master what they demanded by force of arms. We have Financial Feudalism, where you pay taxes and interest to your lord and master what is demanded by force of arms. This is why they have to have "Police Forces" and "Military Forces", note the use of the word Force, and the use of the word Enforcement, just to repeat that enFORCEment. If you are subject to the use force, are you free? If a highway man demanded money at the point of a gun that was illegal, yet that is exactly what the government does. Is the system just? How about the various Enclosures Acts in England, or the Highland and Lowland Clearances in Scotland? Do you own your property if you have to pay an annual sum to live there, and ask permission to make changes even minor ones? Doesn't that seem more like a feudal society, and remember how in the past you would have to get permission to marry, now you just need to get a licence (= pay money to your lords and masters), another way they extract wealth from you for what is a God given right, and not a privilege?

Have they taken the gold because they are greedy? Maybe, but by removing it as a currency, they have made you dependant upon the "legal tender", and on the "banking system", this is as much about control as anything. Just as many are now dependant upon government handouts, thus making them docile, because it is so easy to freeze bank accounts and withdraw benefits to those who would dare to question the rights of those in power who are eroding the rights of the majority. Collectivism in its various forms is just another way by which the few can control the many. Just as the tenth plank of the communist manifesto, and the Nazi ban on home schooling is aimed at creating uniformity of thinking, they don't want some wise folks saying "hey wait just one cotton pickin moment, that ain't right!". It is big corporations and banks that have funded, the National Socialists and Bolsheviks, now to a lot of folks they just can't get their heads around such a Grand Master chess move like this. It is beyond them to comprehend why bankers would fund both sides of a war, when in reality the victors will often be liable for the debts of the vanquished. And "No way would banks fund communism, because banks represent capitalism, don't they?" A builder might use a hammer to knock down a wall. But why he is a builder why would he knock down a wall that is the opposite of what he represents, isn't it? So he can use a trowel and cement to build a new wall. Governments, Banks, and Corporations, are just tools that those whose job is "ruling" use. Time-scales are much different for those at the top to the man in the street. Imagine a medieval architect responsible for the design and construction of a cathedral, this could take many decades to complete, his time-scale may be much different than say a carpenter or stone mason hired to do specific work on that cathedral which might be for a much shorter period.

Watch sheep in a field, most will continue grazing, but a few will watch you, they are looking out for danger, they have empathy with their fellow sheep, they want to help them. Then watch what happens when the farmer arrives, they all flock towards him, why? Because he cares for them, he brings them food, he keeps them cool in summer by fleecing them, he "protects them" with a nice fence. Do they ever ask why? Or could it be that just as some sheep watch for danger because they care about their relatives, they can only understand the farmer at this level. Yet we know why the farmer really cares for the sheep don't we?

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