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Debt Scam


Do you have a loan agreement? Ever wondered when there are record levels of debt and savings are at an all time low, where all this borrowed money comes from? Based on the concept and definition of LOAN, you might ask is the agreement valid? (you are probably best advised to seek professional advice, we are just wondering in these writings!) You probably have this idea, that if a mate lends you a spanner he has to have one, if your pal lends you ten dollars, pounds, euros, he has to have it in his wallet, if the tool hire company makes you a loan of a set of wrenches, yep, they have to have a set on the shelf. Take a public library, now they have got the idea, they lend books, you can have up to say six books on LOAN. Ever tried to borrow a book from a library that they do not have? You can't can you, no they have to get it in for you. Hey so the rest of the planet have to have something money, goods, whatever in order to LEND it. But those banksters, hey if they have some money on deposit, which in itself was created out of thin air by another bank, they can make loans against that deposit that far exceed what they actually have. Hey do you think it might be the banksters who are the real problem. Do you think it might not be lazy British workers, or lazy Greek workers or lazy Italian workers, all spend spend spending money they don't have? No it is not the workers who create the wealth that are lazy, it is the banksters who create money out of thin air and get what we have worked hard to make, for nothing.

For those of you in debt, which is all of us, even if you have no personal debts. Remember we are forced by government, to use as legal tender, their FIAT currency. This is money which is “borrowed” into existence. Obviously you can not borrow something that does not exist, but we are dealing with banksters and bureaucrats. It is either borrowed by the government or by you when you take a loan for a car or a house, or a company borrows for their business. Let me repeat, they are misusing the word LEND, they have not given you a loan£$! You are FORCED into debt by the financial system over which you have no control, and how can you OWE or in other words pay back something that did not exist, when it was LENT to you as a BANK LOAN? When the banking system goes into recession, that is less money is created by “borrowing” than is being sucked back in repayments and interest payments, it is impossible for there to be enough money in the system to pay back what is allegedly owed. Then when folks can't pay back money the banksters get their property. Now remember, you have no choice, you do not control the financial system, you are forced by government to use the financial system that exists. You might try to barter some furniture for a cow with the local farmer, but with all the animal tracking regulations, just go try it and watch government bureaucrats come knocking at your doors. So when you can't pay back what the banks never had but “lent” you they get what you've been working hard for, does that sound right?

We hear all the economists, telling us about the irresponsible people who took out home loans they could not afford. We hear them tell us that the banks should not have lent this money. LENT, home LOANS, why do they never tell the real story? For the money supply to expand or remain constant, the amount of debt must year on year increase, so repayments and interest have a source of debt money from which to draw. It is a debt money ponzi scheme. The people who loose are those at the bottom. Why do the economists say this bank has lent 100 billion when the reality is they have created 100 billion out of thin air. Who in their right mind would go to a bank, and give their property as security for a create money out of thin air book keeping entry in their bank account. Yea, Mr Bankster, you get my property and the deposit money I put down on my home, if I fail to pay back the money you created out of thin air. Hey that sounds like a great deal. How do the banks get away with this? Simple the government is in on it. Each country is a casino, owned by the banksters, the management might be different, but the tables are all rigged, and the suckers keep playing, thinking some how under new management they might win!!!


If you don’t like capitalism, why not try North Korea?

People think that we have capitalism, well we have monopoly capitalism, some might refer to it as corporatism. When we had real money it was in effect a refined barter system. When you sold something for money you exchanged something of value, for something of value, because even if you traded a product or service for coins, those coins had value. Kings and other leaders did debase currency, that is they reduced the value of the coin, and increased the number of coins, how? They got the mint, to reduce the content of precious metals in each coin. So this was currency manipulation, and inflation, so they could pay more money, but it was worth much less. So when you exchanged something of value you would want more coins, to retain the same value of precious metals that the coins contained.

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