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Does this headline mean ?

Boris Johnson: Millions of people too STUPID to get on in life

  1. A) IQ Lowering Fluoride that the government seems to condone is working very well?
  2. B) The tenth plank of the communist manifesto, a state education for all is doing a great job of not educating people?
  3. C) The super rich are using Fraud such as the banking system to get ahead and the tables are rigged?
  4. D) If poor people tried creating money out of thin air like the banksters they would get done for counterfeiting.
  5. E) If poor people tried to demand monies with menace unlike the government they could not call it tax and get away with it?
  6. F) The governments plan to help the monopoly banksters and destroy the economy by raising taxes is working?
  7. G) The government does not represent the people it represses the people?
  8. H) Small companies such as those producing herbal remedies can not afford cost of complying with costly regulations that big corporations can?
  9. I) Millions of people in Britain are too decent to Lie, Steal and Murder their way to the top, or put another way, Saddam Has Weapons of Mass Destruction, Let's steal the oil, and kill over a million Iraqi's and make plenty of money on arms sales doing it?
  10. J) Millions of people in Britain have to face the reality, and the problems at the bottom caused by the top miss management of the monopoly command economy driven by big government at the behest of their corporate masters?
  11. K) Millions of people in Britain should eat cake if they can't afford bread?

British Government Plan to Poison People?

Have All Your Staff Vaccinated and We Will Give You £1.4 Million Extra Funding, Says UK Government

Media Drones at Bilderberg or will they impose a no fly zone over The Grove?

Police Impose Security Lock Down For Bilderberg 2013

Police Wary of Provocateurs at Bilderberg 2013

UK Home Secretary: Expanded Snooping Powers “Essential” Following Woolwich Attack

British Ministers Call For Mass Government Snooping In Wake Of Woolwich Attack

After Woolwich horror, MPs demand action from internet giants

Infowars Poll: 94% Say Woolwich Attack Will Lead to Police State

Spy on your neighbors, says former MI5 head Stella Rimington

British Officials Knew Suspect in Soldier’s Death Had Ties to Al Qaeda

UK mosque burns, anti-Islamists protest


Papers Please: TSA-Style Checkpoints at UK Bus and Train Stations

Watford Police Fear “Possible Crime and Disorder” At Bilderberg

Feudal Britain today?

UK Government - None of Your Business Or more accurately Britain under Financial Feudalism

British Government Plan to Poison People?

Fluoride toothpaste comes with a warning, not to swallow because it is a poison. It is a cumulative poison that lowers IQ, is carcinogenic, and makes people dococile. Oh, but they want to protect childrens' teeth. Not content with the great place to absorb chemicals, the mouth, where the vast majority of the people are poisoning themselves on a daily basis, this is not enough. Could the real reason be the effect that Fluoride has on the brain, is that the real reason? With the economy engineered to be in collapse, by their masters, could this governemnt move be to protect those at the top from a smart informed public.

Besides if people have a lower IQ they may well be happy to consume the GMO that also seems to be backed by the governemnt. GMO has been shown to reduce fertility and cause cancer.

Being more docile the people may not grasp that the governemnt does not work for them, but the globalist bankers and the corporations? Edward I gave the banksters longterm access to tax revenue, in the United States in 1913 the 5th and 2nd planks of the communist manifesto were implemented. A central bank and a heavy and progressive income tax, the two go hand in hand. With the money created from debt scam, the governemnts are always going to have a national debt, and the banksters will always have a continuous income stream via the governemnts taxation system to pay the interest on the money that was borrowed. The fraud was that they did not have money to lend you, they created it out of thin air. The same money that you have to work hard for and get paid a low wage, they create out of thin air. The problem created by the money system, inflation, the governemnt then comes to the aid of poor people struggling to afford to buy a home. Who will pay for the debt money ponzi scheme, the poor folks the governemnt appears to be helping. If people were not so dumbed down by the education system, made docile by the IQ lowering fluoride, what might they do? Remember the banksters funded the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, and have a hold on many governemnts worldwide.

British government report: Adding fluoride to water means fewer fillings for children

Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual Industrial by-product consumed by millions of Americans lowers IQ, causes cancer

UK Against Fluoridation

What do your IRS taxes really pay for?

Edward I of England

GMO news, articles and information:

UK government bans GMOs from its own Parliament restaurants while telling public to embrace genetic poisons


Media Drones at Bilderberg or will they impose a no fly zone over The Grove?

With the security lockdown especially around the back gate to The Grove, will the media resort to the governments tactics of using drones. Could they use the excuse that the government propaganda uses, nothing to hide nothing to fear? Isn't it quite rational that if the people are being encouraged to spy on their neigbours, we should be spying on the Bilderberg meeting?

Will the (in)security services, plan a false flag incident = PROBLEM, REACTION; Protestors are bad. SOLUTION; Ban protests.

Perhaps thousands of Chinese Lanterns floating over the Bilderberg meeting would shine a symbolic light over the event? OR would it be considered as friendly fire? OR maybe a fire hazard? Oh NO it would be AIR POLLUTION A HAZARD TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

WARNING: Drones and Chinese Lanterns could be considered dangerous, unless operated by trained, licenced, approved governemnt operatives???

Feudal Britain today?

Is the UK Feudal? This is the question you have to ask when every armistice day they supposedly honour all those who fought for our freedom. Freedom, sign here or else you risk a fine etc., that kind of freedom? Hey look you agreed we have your signature.

All land belongs to the crown. They say freehold is the highest form of land ownership, they also say that freehold is indefinite tenure of the land. Tenure is not ownership, you have to tell the owner when you transfer the tenure to another, through the land registry. It would be interesting if the state would release the purchase documents where it could show that through honest hard work the crown saved enough money to purchase all the land from the people? People may object to this message, they may say you are wrong this is my property. Okay go try doing something to your property without first seeking permission? It may be ordinary people administering the process but who makes the rules? And how much does it cost?

Parliament exists to raise revenue for the crown. It has always been this way, no matter how much spin they put on it. When the king needed more revenue often for war, he would enact unpopular measures, then offer to withdraw these, but there would be a small matter of payment, sort of compensating him, this process being formalised by parliament. At first very few were represented, and few had the privilege to vote. They may claim you have a right to vote, in reality it is a special right known as a privilege.

You are not known as the owner of you vehicle, they refer to you as the registered keeper, go think on that one.

Serfs had to pay their lords, their lords had to pay their king, for use of his land. Today we have a payment called council tax, but it amounts to having to pay to live in your own property, that is not freedom, that is not private property is it?

In feudal times weapons ownership was based on class, types of weapons owned by the serfs were restricted, just as they are today. The best weapons in the hands of the rulers and their military.

In modern times the system has been given a makeover, it is now called communism and at the top, corporatism. Where a central government runs everything, and you must obey the rulers and their rules.

Hence you have a heavy and progressive income tax. Taxes often went direct to the bankers as they do today to pay for loans, often exacerbated by military spending.

You have a central bank, the king would have a monopoly on the money and just as today it often ended up like monopoly money as it was gradually debased. Henry VIII debased his coinage, denuding it of the gold and silver. Hence it was not worth a shilling. Today they don't even want you to have the debased monopoly money, they want total control by making all money digital.

No private property ownership, well you can only own the freehold which is indefinite tenure to the land, must ask permission to alter the property, must pay an annual tax. Farmers have to obey lots of rules, they might just as well call them state run farms or in the old days it would be the kings land administered by his lords.

Of course there are many who will hate the message that they are all serfs, or slaves of the state, you are the bad person for telling them that. The state is not bad for enslaving them. The Tenures Abolition Act 1660 did appear to take away direct taxation, so we do seem to have gone through a less feudal period though this was on the tail end of the commonwealth. Many people will understand feudalism as a hierarchy where each level has to provide something to the level above, so the Lord may have had to supply Knights for the Kings service, and other supplies. People may argue that because this no longer appears to be in existence we are no longer feudal, yet now all the people still have to provide for those above, but in the form of what passes for money. So a vast amount of peoples working lives are dedicated to supply our masters with what they require.

Income tax 20%, National insurance 10%, Employers contribution which of course is derived from your work so you might as well say the 11% National Insurance Employers amount might just as well be from you. So 41% tax so with the 59% you have left then take 20% Value Added Tax that leaves you with 47%. Add the tax on Pensions, Insurance, Property, Capital Gains, Interest (even though it is taxing a loss), Stamp Duty, Fuel Duty, Licences, Permits, etc. Not feudal then hey? Living in a free country. For the folks below the income tax threshold you are still taxed at 20% on a large number of purchases.

Divide and rule, keep voting for your political team, routing for your football party!

UK Government - None of Your Business - Britain under Financial Feudalism

In the past they reduced the VAT rate from 17.5 percent to 15 percent to stimulate the economy. So they know what they are doing when they increase it to 20 percent. Now the idea of increasing it to 25 percent is on the list. The excuse to pay down the deficit. Okay, if reducing VAT stimulates the economy, more sales, more spending. Then increasing VAT? Won't that reduce spending, destroy business, create more unemployed which costs the chancellor more, and gives him less tax receipts. We know how money is created by borrowing it out of thin air. So paying off a deficit of FIAT debt tokens in a bank computer is all for what? VAT started years ago at 10 percent. So are they trying to slowly close Britain down? Is this really part of the globalization policy to standardise Taxes and Banking around the world?

In another example allegedly a shop trying to weather the recession decided to halve the floor space. This looked better, less stock needed to look full, and half the business rates. Oh, you can't do that sir we will loose revenue. So the shop closed!

Another shop allegedly was told it was okay to put in UPVC windows, then when it had been done told it was not allowed. The shop closed.

A peasant was told to write a letter to the council saying that the peasant would return to the land of his masters. He then went abroad to work a low paid job, understanding that council tax would not be taken while away. Oh, but he was away too long, if he could have proved he came back during the absence he would not have to pay! How with one day per week off and low pay no way, so he had to borrow money to pay his masters. Thus next year the peasant was idle, not economic to work in Britain.

Of course British workers demand too much money? Why? To keep up with the ever increasing money supply, thanks banksters, and the ever increasing taxes. Employers then have to ask customers for more money and it gets to a point where it is cheaper for them to move operations abroad. After the American and French revolutions, both republics had much lower taxes, so what happened? companies moved to these countries.

When politicians blame British workers, who are these politicians working for?

We now have to prove we are eligible to work in Britain, you need ID. Is the backdoor route to ID Cards, to allow tens of thousands into the UK illegally?

And the basis for the above story:
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